Want to learn how to manifest WHATEVER you want, over and over again?

Discover the secret to unlocking your manifesting power and creating a life you’re wildly obsessed with…

I’m sharing the single biggest secrets to creating the abundant reality you know you’re worthy of…

Even if everything you’ve tried up until now hasn’t worked for you!
From: Taylor Rae
Melbourne, Australia

Hey beauty,

Let me know if this has happened to you…

As someone who knows you’re here for more, with big goals, dreams and desires, you’ve probably heard the concept (and likely tried): 

“Like attracts like”

The idea that if you want to manifest something - you just have to think about it, and it will come.

And so we focus on what we’re trying to manifest..

We do everything to stay “high vibe”..

We try to align our energy with seeing it as already done..

Hoping that if we think about it enough, and we stay positive, that it will become our reality.

And then we WAIT, thinking the universe will eventually deliver it.

But unfortunately, time goes on and nothing seems to change..
We wake up every day hoping things will be different, and that today will be the day what we want finally manifests.

Only to feel frustrated that the struggle never seems to go away, and we never feel any closer to our goals, dreams or desires.

Is that sounding familiar? Is that where you’re at right now?

Or, is your situation a little different?

Maybe you’ve started trying to take some action - like journaling, saying your affirmations or visualising...

And while some little things have changed..

It doesn’t always work, and you can’t help but feel like there’s something you’re missing, and that once you figure it out - you’ll be able to manifest it all.

Have you ever thought…

“I've been trying everything and it's not manifesting, so maybe it’s not meant for me?”

My name is Taylor Rae and I’m a multiple-six figure business owner, Spiritual Business Coach, Top 10 Podcaster and I don’t think there is anyone on this planet as obsessed with showing women how to manifest the abundant reality they are worthy of, as I am.

Just over three years ago though, things looked very different for me.

I was the girl who was trying EVERYTHING to create her “dream life”, but it was like the harder I tried, the further away it felt.

😔  My boyfriend James and I were trying to save, living in a house we really didn't love..

😔  I had a beat up old car that had all sorts of issues, and that I honestly couldn’t stand driving..

😔  We were $30K in debt and no matter what we did it felt like it would never go away..

😔  I was struggling trying to get my business off the ground, working over 70 hours a week and making only around $30K a year..

Everywhere I looked in my life - I felt like I was stressed, disappointed, and nowhere near where I thought I would have been by that point.

And then in April 2018, I went through a complete mental, emotional and physical breakdown.
I spent days in bed crying, suffering massive anxiety attacks, and was honestly wondering what on earth I was going to do with my life.

And that’s when I heard it for the first time…

My intuition, and it told me...

“Everything is happening FOR you, not TO you.”

It felt CRAZY. But it also felt so right.

Like I had this deep knowing that this “rock bottom” moment was leading me towards what I needed to do.

So I decided to trust it, and look for the lessons I could learn, and how I could start doing things differently.

Instead of hustling, forcing and doing - I knew I had to find flow, ease and allowing..

I started consuming EVERYTHING I could on the Law of Attraction and manifestation, and started applying it to my life.

Things started to “fall into place” and within just three months I had started a new business totally aligned with my passion, we had sold everything we owned (including my crappy car) and moved across the country to live in our favourite city (Melbourne), I had started building my brand, created a podcast and began working with dream clients online.

It honestly felt like I had found the secret key 🔑  and started using it to unlock abundance in all areas of my life.

Even my relationship was better, AND we manifested our dream apartment in less than a week (when everyone around me said it would take months).


And it was all because I learned the secret process to creating my dream life, instead of waiting for it to come to me.

And it’s called...


And I’ve continued to follow this exact method for the past three years, to call in my biggest desires, including:

  • A multiple-six figure business with dream clients all over the world
  • ​A global audience of over 50,000 people across all my platforms
  • ​A Top 10 Entrepreneurship Podcast consistently rated 5 stars
  • ​Features in Yahoo Finance, Kajabi and Teachable
  • ​Countless interviews on industry leading podcasts
  • Collaborations with incredible entrepreneurs and online brands
  • ​Aligned friendships with like-minded women and soul-sisters
  • ​Travel and holidays to Fiji, New Zealand, and all over Australia
  • ​True purpose, passion, alignment and happiness in my day-to-day life
This is how it works:

You are one half of the equation and the universe is the other 💫 

If you aren’t fulfilling YOUR part in the manifestation process, you’ll never end up manifesting the result you want.

It’s not about just being high vibe, focusing on like attracts like, or thinking that if you journal enough - it will just magically happen.

The Manifesting Method is quite honestly..


And if you’re still reading this, then I know you are someone who is ready to learn the method that means you can finally manifest what you’ve been calling in, for so long. 

In fact, I’m confident that you’re someone just like me, who once you know this -- will be able to manifest ANYTHING you desire, with so much ease.

Because seriously, I follow this process EVERY time I’m manifesting something new

And it’s allowed me to create the dream life that only a few years ago was a vision board on my Pinterest account.

And now I want to help you unlock the manifesting method, so you can stop dreaming about your abundant life, and start actually living it!

Inside this step-by-step process is the only method you need, to transform your life - and you can get started STRAIGHT AWAY.

After you read this, you’ll have the exact blueprint to manifest anything…

Sound good?


Inside The Manifesting Method is the complete process for manifesting your DREAM LIFE.

I’ll show you how to:

💫 Get clarity on what you actually want out of your life

💫 Manifest the dream job, side-hustle or business

💫 Attract abundance and money flow into your life

💫 Call in the friendships or relationship you know you deserve

💫 Tap into an elevated state and create a life that lights you up

So if that sounds good, then The Manifesting Method is for you, and the Universe has brought you here for a reason!

Inside the book, here's some of the secrets I'm sharing with you...

The simple yet often SKIPPED pieces that can make or break your manifesting process

  • How to tap into the energy of knowing everything is happening FOR you, not to you. Learning this changed everything for me (page 9)
  • Why you need to stop settling, and claim it all and why it’s so important to realise you are WORTHY of it all (page 11)
  • How to embrace CHANGE & give yourself permission to go for your big dreams - there’s a difference between saying you want something + actually believing you can have it! (page 13)
  • Revealed: How to get CLEAR about what you’re manifesting, and why the universe response massively once you know specifically what you are calling in (page 16)

The most powerful practice you need to add to your manifesting toolbox and how to use them

  • How to get the Law of Attraction actually working for you, and why it might not have before now! (page 18)
  • Why no dream is too big, and the Universe doesn’t see anything as being off limits for you (page 20)
  • How to shift your identity instantly, to manifest more of what you want and less of what you don’t want (page 23)
  • The power of acting as if your desires have already manifested - this alone has the power to uplevel your manifesting game massively! (page 27)

The method for overcoming the common blocks that get in our way when manifesting

  • Frustrated that things haven’t worked out for you yet? REVEALED: Accessing the power of Divine Timing and manifesting your desires in total alignment (page 30)
  • The CRAZY new way to look at fear and failure, and why they’re actually a good thing! (mind-blowing I know but trust me, it works!) page 32
  • Everyone forgets about the Law of Action, but it’s SUCH a crucial part of manifesting! Learn how to integrate Aligned Action into your process to support this powerful Universal Law! (page 36) 
  • How to release perfectionism for good, and how to stop waiting for things to be perfect in favour of taking Inspired Action (page 39)

Activating your power as a Co-creator with the Universe to speed up the manifesting journey

  • Why comparing yourself to others is holding you back from your dream life, and what to do about it (page 41)
  • Why celebration is one of the most powerful tools on a subconscious level, and also one of the things most people forget about! (page 43)
  • This step by step process will take you from scarcity to abundance, and will help you attract more money into your life… (page 46) 
  • How to receive a sign from the universe + access your intuition so you know you’re on the right path, always! (page 49)

The step-by-step process for calibrating to your manifesting specifics so you can Quantum Shift your reality

  • Not attracting money into your life? I’ll show you why, and what to do about it so manifesting money becomes easy (page 51)
  • The one thing most people get wrong when it comes to manifesting health and fitness goals, and how to transform your physical body for good! (page 55)
  • How to manifest confidence and step into alignment with your Highest Self so that you step into your power fully and let go of any self doubt that’s been holding you back (page 58)
  • Calling in the wrong type of people? Wishing for the dream relationship or can’t find love? There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s just things missing from your manifesting process! Breaking it down for you on page 61
  • Do this if you never want to be held back by limiting self-talk or negative beliefs, again! (page 65)
  • The secret to starting before you feel ready and why it’s the key to manifesting MASSIVE results...on page 67!
Honestly, I could not be more excited to share this book with you!

"I’ve never seen any other manifesting method shared before with this much detail, and with a process that ACTUALLY works!"

What others have said:

"Her use of combining the "woo" with the work allowed me to grow on a spiritual and professional level that would not have happened without her!"

- VP Wright

"Honestly, it was such a perfect timing from the universe to bring us together!"

- Lena Luisa

"I am forever grateful for trusting in my intuition to work with her!"

- Krishna Fay
But that’s not all! Because I want you to feel SO supported in your journey to calling in your desires, I’m also including tools I know are going to help you. You’re also getting...


BONUS #1: Journal Your Way To Your Dream To Life

If you follow my journey on IG, then you’ll know one of my FAVOURITE tools for manifesting is journaling.

And I get questions all the time asking “Tay, how do you journal? Where do I start? What should I write?”

So I created Journal Your Desires To Life, an eBook that supports you through the process of developing a journaling practice to support your manifesting process.

In this exclusive Journaling Guide, I’m sharing with you the EXACT prompts I used to call in a $50K month, my dream apartment in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, and so much more!

Get this for FREE when you grab your copy of The Manifesting Method today!

BONUS #2: Guide To Angel Numbers

I’m sharing with you, exactly how I communicate with the universe on a daily basis through the power of Angel Numbers.

I’ve taught this to clients, who have gone on to trust the guidance they receive through these numbers, and as a result - have manifested their DREAM lives!

If you’ve ever seen 111, 222, 333 or other combinations of numbers that you feel have meaning - you’re right!

These numbers are special - they’re ANGEL NUMBERS, and they each have a unique meaning that is guiding you on your path!

When you grab The Manifesting Method today, I’m including the Guide to Angel Numbers for you, so you can tap into this divine guidance too!

BONUS #3 Abundance Attraction Wallpapers

When you purchase The Manifesting Method, you are also getting access to the EXACT wallpapers I’ve used to help me manifest my dream reality.

These phone wallpapers are created, designed and infused with High Vibe Energy to help keep you in a frequency that calls in more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want.

I love to rotate between wallpapers, changing it each week, to make sure on a subconscious level I am affirming the energy I desire to align with, to help speed up my manifestation process.

Excited for you to use these as your phone backgrounds so you can have all the high vibe affirmations supporting you through your day as well!

Here's what to do:

The “investment” for this book is only $4.44

No, I’m not kidding.

And yes, that includes ALL the bonuses.

As soon as you purchase it, you’ll get instant access to it and be able to download it to your phone, laptop or tablet.

You don’t have to wait for it to be delivered, and it’s not “dripped” out to you.

As soon as you buy, you get it instantly as a download, that you can access anywhere, anytime.
And in case you’re wondering...

There is NO CATCH!

I know, you might be thinking to yourself - this is too good to be true.

How can I get ALL of this, for just $4.44…

Well, put simply - it’s so important to me to get this information out there to EVERYONE.

I know what it’s like to be where you are right now, and I know that if I’d had access to something like this, it would have helped me change my life SO MUCH SOONER.

💫  So I want to make this accessible for everyone.

💫  I also know that people who pay, pay attention.

So by making it a really low price, I’m helping you to make the commitment to ACTUALLY taking action on it, because you’re spending money on it.

However, you need to know…

⏱ Time is of the essence! ⏱

Because this is SO low priced, I technically lose money on each sale of the book due to the cost of advertising to make sure you see this.

That’s how committed I am to making sure you have access to the resources that I know you need.

So, if you’re reading this - then the offer is still live, but I reserve the right to pull it down, or increase the price of the book at any time.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this up for, so like I said

It’s a very limited time offer.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better - think again.

You’re also completely protected by my…


I 100% guarantee that you’ll love this book and the bonuses, or I’ll refund your $4.44 and you can keep the book + bonuses anyway…

That’s how much I stand behind this book, and what’s inside it.

It’s unlike ANY other book out there, it’s giving you practical and actionable steps for manifesting your dream life

AND if you don’t love it, all you have to do is email my team within 14 days, and we’ll give you your money back (and you can still keep the book!)

You literally have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Don’t say the Universe hasn’t got your back 😘 ✨

Here’s everything you’re getting when you order 
The Manifesting Method today:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to The Manifesting Method book
  • ​BONUS #1: Journal Your Way To Your Dream To Life
  • ​BONUS #2: Guide To Angel Numbers
  • ​BONUS #3: Abundance Attraction Wallpapers

All for a one-time (incredibly low) price of $4.44!

I’m honestly SO excited for you to get your hands on this and start manifesting your dream life!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I know you found it in divine timing.

Big love,

Tay xx
Taylor Rae

Author of The Manifesting Method

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who skip straight to the end of the page, here’s the deal:

I’m giving you a copy of my 70-page book The Manifesting Method that walks you through the step-by-step process of unlocking your manifesting power and creating a life you’re wildly obsessed with, for just $4.44.

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What’s inside this book changed my life and the life of my clients, and I’m making sure you have the exact steps you need to do the same. You are not signing up for a “trial” or any ongoing monthly fees or anything like that.

You’re also getting BONUS access to manifesting tools I know will support your uplevel, including: Journal Your Way To Your Dream Life, The Guide To Angel Numbers and my Abundance Attraction Phone Wallpapers.

This is a very limited offer, and won’t be available forever. 

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So truly, I wouldn’t wait.

Think of it as a sign from the universe, that it’s time to take the steps towards creating your dream life.

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